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Where Hip Hop Consummates Art! — Kanye West “Mercy” Music Video Review

With stimuli and alluded surrealism, Kanye West’s “Mercy” video makes my Top 5 easily.

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Jay-Z & Kanye West “Watch The Throne” Tracklist with Bonus Track “The Joy”

“I’m like really half a billi n*gg*
Really you got baby money
Keep it real with n*gg*s
n*gg*s ain’t got my lady money
Watch the Throne don’t step on our robe”
-H.A.M Lyrics Jay-Z and Kanye West

The tracklist for “Watch the Throne,” highly anticipated Jay-Z/Kanye West collabo album has been released. It took all day … We could debate about who are the best rappers alive for years, but you know where my vote stands. Between the metaphors, euphemisms, and storytelling, this duo is sure to control the billboards for next year or so. I will be hanging onto every word … as they release these tracks like good wine. Salute! The tracklist:

01 No Church in the Wild (ft. Frank Ocean)
02 Lift Off (ft. Beyoncé)
03 Niggas in Paris
04 Otis (ft. Otis Redding)
05 Gotta Have It
06 New Day
07 Prime Time
08 Who Gon Stop Me
09 Murder to Excellence
10 Welcome to the Jungle
11 Sweet Baby Jesus (ft. Frank Ocean)
12 Why I Love You (ft. Mr Hudson)

Bonus tracks:

13 Illest Motherfucker Alive
14 H*A*M
15 That’s My Bitch
16 The Joy (ft. Curtis Mayfield)

Music Mondays: “All of the Lights”–Yeezy

It’s my Music Monday; and this song woke me up to a new day of new opportunities and possibilities which I can never stop being thankful for. Moreover, I”m hooked to this rebel with his own cause–Kanye West aka ‘Yeezy.’ His elements of surprise further confirms him as a storyteller and lyricist. Here’s “All of the Lights,” from his latest--My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I hope you enjoy it and find motivation from this song just as much as I did.


If you have music you’d like to share on Nikki Panache, suggestions for Music Mondays or an original LP. Please email me Thank you and enjoy your Monday.

Kanye West Short Film–“Runaway”

If I get into this, you’d think I’m crazy … so I leave you with an astounding, powerfully, provoking video and one line.

You call me a ‘bitch’ for short … Can you get much higher? Shout out to all the young birds travelling through portals.

Runaway–Kanye West–My Kind of Mood … at least for Today

I’m not sure how ‘Panache’ I can be today. However, I think, at any rate, being honest about how you feel is always PANACHE. So here it is … “Let’s just have a toast.” ‘Ye speaks, so I don’t have to. Pulling down my antennas and having a toast with my friends … meet me out!


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