Do We Pick Our Friends Like We Pick Our Fruit?

Have you ever considered the way you pick your fruit and vegetables? When you’re at the fresh market, do you scrutinize a little more as you would if you were at Harris Teeter? Or do you, no matter what, judge all fruit and vegetables by the same criteria? No bruises? No brown? Saturated with color?

I recall a certain Erykah Badu song “Apple Tree.” In this song, Badu sings “See I picks my friends like I pick my fruit …” This neo-soul melody is a reminder of the importance of criteria when picking anything.

Let’s examine Nikki’s criteria on picking fruit as it relates to picking friends.

Criterion 1: Bruised Fruit. These have all kinds of dents and blotches. Such issues date back to their harvest and uprooting. Still found usable, they may wound up at the fresh market or a nearby grocer. No matter where you meet these fruit, it’s always best to neglect them for their awful taste and toxicity.

Criteria 2: Is your selection of fruit saturated with color? The color, pale or rich, is an indication of it’s ripeness. Don’t be mistaken. This has nothing to do with age as it does with maturation.

My best friend’s mom had us pick tomatoes in our younger years. She always warned us to leave the unripe to age and pick only the bold and brightest. This lesson, so basic in design, has been a constant reminder to not pick prematurely what isn’t ready.

I could go on for hours about my list, my criteria, on picking fruits and friends. But I shan’t. I will leave you with this: “no matter what setting you’re in, use the same tried and true criteria for picking your friends as you do your fruit.” Every lesson in life can be taught through any organic experience.

When we pay more attention is when we’re awaken to these thoughts and can make better decisions.

My rebellious spirit attempts to defy these odds, yet every time I pick a bad fruit, I’m left with a bad taste and eventually a conditioning instinct “not to shop fruit like that again.”

See what I just did there? 🙂

WTF are you talking about?! Free Write ENJOY

There’s nothing more repugnant than a dishonorable and disrespectful person. Their words are vile, they smell of bile, and their direction of life leads down the never ending road of misfortune.

There’s nothing greater than the celebration of life–you become reenergized by Earth’s molten core, empowered by water, and lifted by God. You are they. And they are we and in touch with Thee.

There’s nothing more beautiful than to just Be. Be happy. Be sad. Be remorseful then glad. And to experience a cyclical of emotion is just to be human and to be alive.

Thank you for reading. This is my “spur” of the moment free write.