Nikki Panache Introduces Brands in this [Video]

Nikki Panache introduces and the Female Haberdasher Bow Tie Shop. She defines “panache” and “haberdasher” and why she chose to use those words to define her brands.


Tiz of Spade Performs at Club Hush

It’s Saturday night, and I’m at the Tiz of Spade performance. It’s going down at Club Hush of Charlotte. Sing-along fans have been showering the young rapper with rounds of applause. And he and his pseudo-band have been rockin’ the crowd with hi-octane beats and lyrics. With much stage presence, Tiz finds rhythm with his bounce and confidently struts across the stage. I truly enjoyed watching him perform tonight. Nice job! I’ll attend another and look forward to it. Thanks for the invite.

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