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NFL: No Luck Is Neeeded, It Is All About RG3

I know that the next NFL season is far away in the future but it is never too early to start to think about some events that will have major implications on the upcoming season. One event that could change a team’s fortune for next season is the NFL Draft. The Draft is where teams can find players to build their teams around or a key player that can take a team to the next level.

Luck  is the clear cut choice of the Indianapolis Colts, but has the fascination died down?

The Indianapolis Colts are betting the farm that Andrew Luck is the next great quarterback phenomenon. The Colts have already said that Andrew Luck is their man and they are going after him with the first pick. Andrew Luck could very well live up to all the hype and the Colts will have proven they know a good quarterback when they see one.

Robert Griffin III ran a 4.41, 40-yard Dash time, did I mention Griffin is a quarterback?

However, another player may have even greater talent than Andrew Luck. This player might even have a more successful NFL career than Andrew Luck. Robert Griffin III or RG3 could prove that he is the best quarterback in this year’s draft.Griffinhas already won the Heisman this past year and recently RG3 wowed everyone with a 40 yard dash time of 4.41. To put this in perspective receivers are praised for having that kind of speed and Robert Griffin III is a quarterback. If Michael Vick is fast, Robert Griffin III is blazing with a capital B.

In addition, Robert Griffin III has proven that he is not only an accurate but has the arm to throw any deep pass he desires. Griffin may not make every throw but when the game is on the line, very few quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft class can match up to Griffin’s ability to come out on top. Andrew Luck is a once in a lifetime talent but it is safe to say Robert Griffin III is also the kind of quarterback we will not likely see again.

Which  NFL team tunnel will RG3 be running out of this upcoming NFL season?

NFL teams have seen Robert Griffin III’s resume and everyone likes what they see. Quite a few teams are willing to give up multiple draft picks to trade up just to obtain the services of RG3. The St.Louis Rams are more than willing to trade the second pick of the NFL Draft to the right suitor and make one team very happy to have a new franchise quarterback. The Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins seem like the most likely places for a deal to be worked out. Cleveland and Washington have the most to offer St. Louis for their number two draft pick. That is not to say other teams will not make attractive offers. However, Cleveland and Washington are the only teams able to reach the current asking price in full. The St.Louis Rams know that they hold an Ace up their sleeve in the pick that can be used to obtain RG3. The Rams have a great deal of needs and aim to use their ace to put a dent in a long list of needs.

Clear Proof that the shiny “Lucky” coin has lost it’s luster and shine.

This time last year, all the world could talk about is Andrew Luck, now the “Luck Phenomenon” has died down. Enter now the age of the Robert Griffin III infatuation. Luck has become old news. We know which team Luck is going to land on. We know when Andrew Luck is getting picked. Luck’s story up until draft day is written in stone. Robert Griffin III’s story just keeps growing more every day. What will the end of the chapter before the complete book is written. Only time will tell…


The Night is Finally Here, It’s NFL Draft Time!

The night is finally here and it is a life changing night for many people in two different ways. Some people are going to the get the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow and others will only receive Fool’s Gold. Tonight is the night of the official NFL Draft. All the college superstars attended and each player was hoping for their “Golden Opportunity” to play in the NFL. Before we get to some very surprising picks, we have to set the mood. When Roger Goodell came out to start the Draft, as he stepped on the stage, there was a resounding sound of  boos and chants of  “We Want Football!”. There were no cheers for the commissioner. The boos and chants were so deafening the commissioner almost could not quiet the crowd. Only a moment of silence for everyone who was a victim of the tornadoes that crossed over the southern part of the United States could silence the rowdy crowd. After the moment of silence, the draft began.

The first pick was no surprise as the Carolina Panthers selected Cam Newton. The Carolina Panthers were in dire need of a team morale boost and Cam can provide that. Next, the Denver Broncos selected Von Miller and Buffalo Bills selected Marcell Dareus. Both are good defensive picks and no surprise here either.  Both Miller and Dareus were projected to be picked high in the draft. The Cincinnati Bengals selected A. J. Green as expected and took the best receiver in the draft. The Arizona Cardinals made a bit of a surprise pick, most projected the Cardinals to take a Quarterback here. The Cardinals took Patrick Peterson, the best corner in the draft. Atlanta traded with Cleveland to move up and take Julio Jones the second best receiver in the draft.

The next pick that was a revelation was the #8 pick by the Tennessee Titans. The Titans picked up Jake Locker as their quarterback of the future. The Vince Young Era is truly over, long live the new king in town named Locker. Jacksonville traded with Washington to move up to the number 10 spot to grab Blaine Gabbert. I am still not convinced Gabbert is all he is cracked up to be, but he can learn under David Garrard for a couple of years and turn out to be a good NFL starter. The Minnesota Vikings must believe that Brett Favre is not coming back anymore. The love affair with the old gunslinger is finally done as they selected Christian Ponder with the number 12 pick.

The pick I like the most was made by the Detroit Lions. The Lions selected Fairley at number 13. Fairley, Suh, and Vanden Bosch make up a very nasty defensive unit. The Lions are moving in the right direction. The Miami Dolphins decided to sure up their offensive line with the addition of Universityof Floridaplayer Mike Pouncey with the 15th pick. The New York Giants went defense by taking cornerback Prince Amukamara at the 19th pick. Defense was definitely the greatest need of the Giants and the Prince fits in their nicely. The Indianapolis Colts went offensive line and selected Anthony Castonzo with the 22nd pick. The Colts needed all the help they could get to protect Peyton Manning as their offensive line is becoming older.

The last team to make some significant upgrades with their draft picks was the New Orleans Saints. The Saints selected Cameron Jordan at the 24th pick. The Saints needed a good Defensive End and Jordan is one of the best. The Saints also selected Mark Ingram with the 28th pick. The Saints will now have a backfield that contains Reggie Bush and Mark Ingram. That is two Heisman winners running the ball every game. Ingram being in the backfield will definitely help the saints get back to a more balanced attack. The draft was full of many surprises and the biggest was Daquan Bowers. Bowers was not drafted at all in the first round. I am figuring teams are concerned about his knee injury. I did not believe that the injury would make Bowers fall out of the first round. It will be interesting to see which team Bowers lands on. Well tomorrow is day two of the draft and we will see what additional surprises are left. A great deal of great college players are left and awaiting their opportunity. Who will get their chance to achieve their dream and play on Sundays and who will be left out in the cold?

The NFL Rookie Dilemma

There are so many sport stories going on right now it is hard to choose just one to right about. The NBA Playoffs are happening all week. The NCAA college football season is gearing up. The Major League baseball season is getting under way. Still an event is coming soon that is major sporting news. The event is the 2011 NFL draft and it happens in a week.

The question today is not so much about who will go in which position. The more significant question has to do with the current situation of the NFL. The NFL is currently in a lockout. The lockout does not seem to have any quick end in sight as the owners and players have not reached any sort of agreement. This means that players will be drafted and will not even be able to meet up with the coaches, practice, learn the offense, or any normal things rookies do.

The big question for the NFL prospects who will be drafted in a week is should they attend the draft. The reason that we ask this question is because they will be shaking the hand of the man (Roger Goodell) who is on the side that wants to implement a rookie salary cap. Does a rookie really want to shake the hand of the man that is trying to cut their pay by a significant amount in 2011? Instead of negotiating for the blockbuster deals of 40+ million for being a top pick in the NFL draft, the amount a rookie could sign for would be capped to maybe 10 million. This means the guaranteed money would be much less for a rookie. This is good for teams and owners because a rookie will have to earn the big contract. This is bad for rookies who want that big contract in the beginning because now they are limited. A rookie may have to play three, four or even five years before recieving the big contract they have always dreamed about.

If a rookie understands this situation and then realizes the NFL Players Association is fighting to keep money in the rookie’s pocket, does that rookie attend the draft or stay home in protest of the owners? It is definitely a dilemma every rookie will face, especially the highly rated ones. On one had they wait their whole lifetime for the opportunity just to be drafted. On the other hand every other player in the league is going against the owners and the proposed changes they want. I am not sure as a rookie I would want the decision to choose sides but when they choose to attend the draft or not, they are indeed doing just that.

Each draft prospect will have to make the decision what is more important. Is the experience of the draft more important to the player? On the other hand, is supporting their fellow players more important? It is a decision each rookie will have to live with for the rest of their life.

Whichever way each rookie decides to move, we can only hope they do not regret their decision of which side to support. Is making a statement more important than being part of a once in a lifetime event. Only time will tell which way each rookie decides to go. In one week it will all unfold at the NFL Draft. Will all the big name college players be there or will they ultimately decide its better to stay home?

Top QB in the NFL Draft, Who is Number 1?

The NFL Draft is soon and great deals of people are excited about the event. Everyone is speculating on who will get drafted at which position. Teams and fans alike are wondering what team will pick what player.

One interesting draft battle is the battle for QB. Ever since Cam Newton has won the NCAA football Championship and declared for the draft, he has been all that anyone has talked about. The question that needs to be asked, “Is Cam Newton the best QB?” Many people are even wondering if Cam Newton will make a good NFL QB. The draft could show us someone that will make a better NFL QB .The debate continues about all the QB prospects and not everyone agrees on the consensus #1 QB in the draft.

I will begin by saying this, no matter how much people try to hype Blaine Gabbert up; I just don’t see it. Before the draft, no one had even heard of him and now he is supposed to be the best QB available? We have seen it before and I am sure we will see it again. A NFL prospect does good at the combine and all of sudden the draft stock skyrockets. Unfortunately, more times than not the prospect does not live up to the hype. I am predicting Gabbert is definitely an overhyped prospect who will probably be a backup for his career.

Cam is interesting because of all his physical gifts. On the right team in the right system, he could be similar to any great running QB. In the wrong system, Cam Newton could end up being forgotten. Not saying the Pat White is Cam Newton. However, if Cam ends up in a similar situation, the results could be disappointing. If Cam goes to a team where he falls into the right situation, Cam could have something similar to what Michael Vick had in Atlanta. With that said, I do not think Cam is the most NFL ready QB in the draft. I can say Cam Newton is the most athletic QB in the draft though.

Jake Locker was the overall #1 pick if he had left last year. Jake decided to come back for another year and he hurt his draft stock. This is because Locker did not play well in his return year.  He could not throw and connect on passes past 20 yards. He performed well at his Pro-Day and NFL combine. Someone will pick him up but he has lost his appeal to many scouts and teams. Jake Locker may en up going 2nd or 3rd round and needs to learn from a veteran QB for a year or two before he is ready.

The one QB I think that does have tools to make an immediate splash is Christian Ponder. Ponder is an accurate QB with 68.8 completion percentage and good arm strength. Those two things translate well into the NFL game. On top of having a good year, Ponder had an impressive Pro-Day and was a NFL combine favorite. While he may not have the physical tools that Cam Newton has, Christian Ponder has the accuracy that NFL teams like. This makes him an attractive pick to most teams and he could very well be one of best values at the draft position he is projected

There are more QB’s in the draft such as Ryan Mallet and Colin Kaepernick. While some of these QB’s also intrigue me and could have great NFL careers. I am just not as high on any of them. The draft should be interesting; there will be some busts and some successes. We will have to wait and see how it plays out.


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