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“Beez in the Trap” Review–This be Nicki Lewinsky

For Charlamagne the God to really dig this track as he so tweeted yesterday, I was expecting more from my favorite female rapper–Minaj. Yet the delivery was less than her superbomb usual.

Unlike “Starships,” “Beez in the Trap” is directed for hip hop heads, laced with a nursery rhyme hook that’s simple enough for all the basic folk to get it and rock it … On time!

The first stanza she definitely stands as “The Female Weezy” as she tells that wack chick to “buss it open” or she’ll cut a U-ey (u-turn). Outta control. A bi turn to prove this point, Nicki nails it here.

However, this track lacks smooth transition from line-to-line, metaphors, and a chic’ER hook. Not so much Barbie here. I’d say this is her “Nicki Lewinsky” character she promoted as mixtape, unsigned Nicki.

Though no female rapper can top my Nicki right now, I’m still not giving her a pass for this one. This track lacks lyrical content. And that’s that! Friends are honest with friends.

“A hundred #%*€><^^~ can't tell me nothin.”

And whatever happened to 2 Chainz’ twang accent? There’s a difference in his voice between this track and “Spend It.” You be the judge. Tell me your thoughts.

PS See you at Howl at the Moon, Friday. Party starts at 5.


New Music: Mary J. Blige featuring Nicki Minaj

Check out the latest track from Mary J. Blige, entitled “Feel Inside.” The song features Nicki Minaj and is said to be the second single (following “Someone to Love Me”) on Mary’s 10th studio album, My Life II: The Journey Continues, which is slated to be released in September.



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Happy Friday!

Lil Kim’s Revenge

In response to Nikki Minaj’s Roman’s Revenge, Lil Kim dropped her diss track Black Friday December 2010. Now Kim officially dropped her mixtape Black Friday today for $9.99. She even tweeted that the first 100 orders come with her autograph. My thing is Kim, I have a lot of respect for you, but people don’t even buy albums anymore, what makes you think they will pay for a mixtape? Well Team Lil Kim came thru for the Queen hitting up her mixtape link so hard Paypal had to shut it down at first.
In fact, Kim actually takes this battle far and wide. She goes at everyone from Young Money to producer Fiendi to calling Diddy a “swagger jacker.” I’m a fan of both Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj and I remember ever since Nicki’s first mixtape she’s always gave props to Kim so the whole beef seems unneccessary. Female lyricists should just stick together but then again rap wars are part of the industry.
Her diss mixtape includes snippets of Nicki Minaj interviews and a track she did over Nicki’s Did It On Em beat called Pissin’ On Em. Kim even tries to deliver one liners reminiscent of Young Money’s rap style, “Got em blue in the face – Avatar.” It’s not Kim’s hottest work but it definitely goes hard.

Posh Pink Nails

“Keep a couple pink toes in my sandals.” — Nicki Minaj

Posh pink nails are still signature. Each nail salon visit, I’m sure to pick a shade that speaks to my mood. Recently, I chose poppin’ bubble gum to go with my bubbly persona. When I really want to mix it up, I choose a pink lemonade combo, half pink and half yellow. Here are a few of my favorite celebs rockin’ posh pink nails.

Nicki Minaj posing for Honey.

Rihanna in People.



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