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Recap of @CharlotteStyle 25 Most Stylish Event

Long time no see, eh? I know, I know. I’ve been out gallivanting, living life and working on the business. Even so, I’ve been managing to get out and mingle a bit. First, off I wanted to recap Charlotte Style Mag’s 25 Most Stylish where they honor 25 Most Stylish in business and entertainment in Charlotte. This year’s event was held at Suite which is located in the Epicenter of Uptown Charlotte.

Katie McKeiver was the red carpet correspondent, and lots of people showed up in the best attire. The running theme, of the crowd, was brightly colored dresses, suits, separates, and lots of bow ties. I even spotted a woody (a wooden bow tie) which was nicely adorn by Keith (of Silverfly).

Other special guests included artists Sunshine Anderson and Special Ed.

Special thanks to JSW Media and Charlotte Style Mag for media access!

Me and @JSMacks (IG) Singer/Bandmember

Me and @JSMacks (IG) Singer/Bandmember

Model Jennifer Michelle wears custom, handmade bow tie.

Model Jennifer Michelle wears custom, handmade bow tie.

Simone of @honeebeegifts (Twitter)

Simone of @honeebeegifts (Twitter)

Keith and Fidel

Keith and Fidel

Custom suit designer

Custom suit designer

Todd, Rob, Rita, The Clothier

Todd, Rob, Rita, The Clothier

@keithcradle @chuckholliday

@keithcradle @chuckholliday

"Hey ... Mister ... DJ"

“Hey … Mister … DJ”

@jtmichellemtam @youarenowonQ (Twitter)

@jtmichellemtam @youarenowonQ (Twitter)

@nikkipanache @jtmichellemtam



My Election Night: Tell Us @CurtisWalls “How Hot Do You Like It?” LOL

What started out as a blogging meeting with the intent to watch the results from the 2012 Presidential Election turned out to be more! More fun. More laughs. More of an event than a meeting.

At around 7:35p, I met with @Nxl21Charlotte @CurtisWalls for a casual meeting at Smokey Bones. The place was pretty dead, so I thought it would be perfect for discussion and to enjoy the suspense of election night. However, it just so happened that Smokey Bones recently turned their audio system, so that it excluded (what I call) the portable speaker box. You know the kind that you use to listen in on sporting events at bars? Well they had none, so it was on to the next bar!

So we ventured a few miles away to Fox & Hound at Northlake. But they had no boxes either. Through the cold, we walked to Chili’s who claimed that they were NOT to play anything but sporting events. Really? It was only the most historical, political night for the next 4 years that we, the nation, would experience–when Obama won a re-election. Chili’s was a huge loss that night based on their failure to acknowledge anything but sports. Got to do better!

So we finally returned to Fox & Hound for apps, beer and a mini election party, and that’s when the fun began.

Without unleashing all details, I’ll grant you a few highlights, quotes, and more!

Exhibit A:

Me: How do you like your hotdog?

Curtis: I feel uncomfortable with you asking me that!

Me: *side-eye*

By the way, this conversation ended in “with sweet onions, mustard, ketchup, and or chili/slaw” for all of you who are wondering! But his initial comment … Well you know … You’re smart!”

At one point, we commenced a challenge involving extra drops of Tabasco sauce. Hmm … No further comment there.

Around 11p, I hit the karaoke stage to croon Maxwell’s “Fortunate,” yet it didn’t sound anything like Maxwell. It was a shaky performance which I believed startled all the barmaids, wait staff, and bar folk alike. I mean I tried really hard, and I thought it was going to be a an awesome performance since I practiced just before … oh who am i kidding?! It was less than stellar. Like a good sport, Curtis hid in the corner, grinned, and laughed. Sigh.

The night ended with a final discussion surrounding the CNN’s reportings, analyzing and keeping close watch of electoral and popular votes, and a challenge to see who could hold the Thinker Pose, Alpha-style, the longest! In my mind, I won!

Well that was my election night. Productive. Fun and eventful. I was glad to witness history, Obama’s re-election (2 TERMSSS), same-sex marriage legalized in MD (my insurance policy), and CO committing to growing more trees in order to save our planet Earth. Snickers*

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Remy & Pineapple


Spent last night at @Apostrophelounge located in SouthEnd of Charlotte. I had to make b-line to see a live performance by Charlotte’s Indie Musician @harveycummings and his live jazz band, including “sax man” @jorrellsixx.

Although I did not get to strut to my theme music upon arrival–James Brown “The Payback,” I’m sure there will be next time since Harvey and his band will be performing every Friday night at Apostrophe. Next time, I need it on cue. Wait for it …

Cocktail of the Night: Remy and Pineapple

A few shots from last night! Enjoy. Thanks @nxlevelcharlotte for the invite.


Harvey Cummings, @harveycummings, ladies and gents!





Last night at Mez, Epicenter

                                         Last night at Mez, Epicenter, uptown Charlotte.

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Me and JoJo in Black

Butter–Saturday Night


(left to right) Denise Gregory (myself) and Joanna Martinez

Another fun night documented. Big shout out to Appstate Football Alumni and guests who showed us a good time in VIP (of course).

Gorgeous Affair at Sunset


Elevate July 2010

Nightlife and Entertainment Edition. Here’s your guide to the hottest nightlife spots along with top attractions to keep you fit and cool all summer long.

“It’s Like Butter, Baby”

This past weekend I re-routed my plans to NC Music Factory’s Butter, hailed all the way from Manhattan. It’s definitely the best club in Charlotte.

I’ve been to KISS, and it has a Miami flava to it with cool hues and smooth “what-is-this-velvet?” couches! It’s first floor and patio limited space doesn’t compare. SUITE is cool too, but it’s so last year to some Charlotteans.

Now Butter has it all, two floors, two DJs, a respected reputation, and a blacked-out VIP, so you can be incognito. Service was phenom. Thanks, Brittany!!

Butter too has dark hues highlighting it’s extraordinaire. Entering the club, led from aside Wet Willies, it looked like I was entering a castle’s dungeon. Gold brass frames filled the wall with contemporary fixtures.   As  I continued stepping, deeper into this darkened lair filled with bass, beats, and beauties, I found better music and company, some ‘Who’s Who’ Execs (no name here)…Then there was a climax, VIP section.

“O Butter, you had me at ‘follow me’ and ‘right this way.’

There are lots of details that I can go into, but that’s hardly any of your business! (teehee) Just know that I’ll be frequenting every time I hit the town and so should you.

Butter, hands down, is the IT place in Charlotte!

The top floor entrance and VIP view

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