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When people ask: “What’s Socially Panache?” I tell them plain and simple that it’s being sexy without being tasteless.

But to further explain it … It’s smarts bearing confidence, constantly beaming positivity, and a socially conscious individual. That’s what our brand is all about!

As women making it in this Brave New World, we find ourselves moving at the speed of light, juggling career with personal fulfillment. In maintaining a lifestyle that suits us best, we shan’t jeopardize our integrity.

Join the Socially Panache movement … Where you can be as sexy, as smart, and as socially conscious as you want to be with much class!

Interested in purchasing a mug? Get yours and join the new wave of being Socially Panache today.

Later, Panachers!


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New XM Radio Station: Shock Jocks Panache & Brown. Brace Yourself, We’re Funny!!!

Good Day, Panachers! I want to share with you my first video-blog “vlog.” It’s a whole lotta fun. However, I should warn you that it features adult content and isn’t safe for work. Furthermore, it’s an impromptu interview … We’re just goofing off and enjoying our Saturday at San Antonio’s of Southpark (of course). Take a look. And please don’t judge me; I’m just enjoying life. Xo


Follow Friday!

Being that it is Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites that I follow!

@abelleinbk — Known as the the black Carrie Bradshaw, Demetria Lucas is one of my writing idols. I absolutely love her style, both fashion and writing-wise! She has the incredible gift of telling a story and making you feel as if you were there, too. Like her silent, invisible best friend lol Check her out in the latest issue of Essence magazine (she writes for them as well…I told you she was dope!) or on her blog.

@TheRealMiaX — The 1st lady of No Limit always has great advice and words of witty wisdom passed down from her late grandmother that she shares with her followers. I’m inspired by her in so many ways! Not only is she a pioneer for female emcees, she also has the financial smarts to save and invest her money wisely. When sales in the music industry took a turn for the worse, “Mama Mia” was able to retire (at her own will) at the age of 30, is the owner of her own restaurant (True Friends)  in New Orleans, the mother of two adult children (make that 3 — she adopted me via Twitter lol)  AND she has a cookbook coming out soon (you can get full just LOOKING at her Twitpics)!

@boosiejustice — The go-to page for the latest Boosie news and trial updates. This twitter page stems from, the site dedicated to increasing awareness and strengthening support of the Free Boosie campaign. It keeps fans up-to-speed with everything regarding his trial, videos and blog posts, and also provides links to the online petition and a place for monetary donations that go toward his defense fund (at this point, ALL of Boosie’s assets have been frozen…where they do THAT at?!?). All donations go directly to his mother, Connie Hatch. What I love most about this whole movement is the fact that it presents readers with actual, up-to-date FACTS about the case so that they aren’t misguided by the false allegations present in mainstream media. The site also sheds light on the POSITIVE things he’s done in his life and the POSITIVITY that can be found within his lyrics. If you’re not familiar with the circumstances surrounding this case, please visit the site and see for yourself . Be Clear: they DO NOT  have to come to your house in the middle of the night, wearing sheets & burning crosses to lynch a Black man these days! SMH.

Special shout out to BoosieArmy for always showing love on Twitter as well! *waves* Heeyyy BoosieArmy! lol

And, of course, be sure to follow @NikkiPanache for links to the latest in Carolina news, entertainment, fashion, & music!

Happy Follow Friday!!

Enter at Your Discretion– Sexy Bedroom Eyes Video Tutorial–Get the Look.

You really like those high pigmented eye shadows, don’t you? So do I. There’s nothing like creating dramatic eyes for a special occasion–like a bachelorette party, Girl’s Night Out, or a little flirting at your local bar.

You can effectively express yourself with make up art. Surely, you won’t look like a clown, if you apply it right. Here is a PANACHE make up tip to keep it simple but still achieve a dramatic make up effect:

–Dramatic Eyes–Simple Lip. Dramatic Lip–Simple Eyes.
Unless you’re on stage for a Cher concert as an extra or backup singer, I think it’s best to stay true to these combinations.

Allow me to define simple to remove liability. Simple means using  neutral tones or one solid color (glitter/shimmer is optional). You can manage to pair a trio or quad color shadowing with dramatic lip, if the colors are neutral to fulfill the Simple Eye-Dramatic Lip combination.

This might sound a bit technical, but once you continue experimenting, you’ll get the hang of it. And these tips will appear easier.

I also suggest tutorials on YouTube to achieve other looks. Click here for a Sugar Pill Cosmetics tutorial. Age appropriate 21 & up. That’s my disclaimer! Enter the ‘Sexy Bedroom Eyes’ tutorial at your discretion. It’s for a mature audience. 😉

Furthermore, I’m loving the eye-lip combination demonstrated here. Fab work, Nikkie!

Now make your comparisons to Kendra and Holly’s pics below.



Even Holly is in ‘awe’ over the tutorial.

Stay tuned for more makeup tutorials. Sugar Pill Cosmetics Coming Soon to Bill & Coo.


Vogue Fashion’s Night Out–Last Model Call

Last model call for Charlotte’s biggest night in the industry!

Model call will be held at Butter Charlotte of NC Music Factory, from 5-7p on Monday, August 30, 2010.

Twenty salons, fourteen boutiques and nearly seventy models are joining forces to celebrate Fashion in a chic way! Here’s an opportunity to network amongst Charlotte’s leaders in Fashion. I hope to see you there … Tell them Nikki Panache sent you.

Business is Business–Is it or Isn’t It?

Being a young entrepreneur and young professional, I find it extremely critical to make the right connections in whatever you’re doing-fashion, business, entertainment, etc. And the most annoying thing that I’ve found are people who say they can do this and that and cannot produce. In fact they’ve never produced.

The positive: keep plugging. It seems that the connections that I’ve already made earlier on in my career are the ones that count in my area and other connections I need to make extend beyond my homefront. Therefore, I gravitate towards social networking and attract other young entrepreneurs who are really making headway in their cities and across the globe.

Advice for other young entrepreneurs: “Quickly, in the first 5 minutes, assess and decide if the person you’re meeting is worth your business.”

Socializing is fun, but making money is the best fun any businessman/woman can have.

We can chat later, but I want to get paid.

That’s the Nikki Panache way!


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