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True Blood–Let’s Link Up–Lafayette Style

Ms. Martin introduced a new idea to me yesterday, at dinner. “Have you noticed that every time Lafayette joins the witch link with Marnie (watch the cameras) that all of a sudden, the group has more power? It’s definitely magical. It’s a point I’d never thought of … Which leads me to my next questions: “Can you acquire magical powers, and about how long can you keep them?” I believe in the next couple of episodes we’ll get to see the dynamics of power at play especially with Eric having loss his memory and witnessing Pam’s facial meltdown. Not at all what I was expecting. And who is the creepy girl who was tortured and burned during the Spainish Inquisition? Or was that during the New World Witch Scare? My historical references could be wrong. Let a sista know and enjoy this clip. It’s True Blood Sundays. I so love that Sundays Suck! Don’t you?


Sundays Suck–True Blood–Witches, Faeries and Psychotic Vamps

“It’s True Blood, Sunday!” My heart flutters the moment I say it. All the sexy magic–witches, faeries, skinwalkers, shifters, werewolves, and vamps–will be waiting for me to tune in, promptly, at nine. Let’s speculate everyone’s next move.

Looks like Eric finally checked in on the wickens after hearing Marnie’s group brought back a dead bird. “A little birdie told me,” says Eric. Cute line. And whoosh in wirlwind, a seance and a chant later, Eric loses his memory. See you might think, Marnie brought him back from the dead–turning him back into a human. Nooo … remember his exit. He still maneuvers as a vamp; however, when Sookie finds him walking on a back road in Bon Temps, Eric doesn’t recognize her. So who is going to protect Sookie?

Who will protect Sookie?–If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. With Sookie’s house being recently purchased by Eric and Bill Compton as the new KING, problems over jurisdiction, domain and governance arise. Bill is reluctant to take Sookie under his care; bottom-line, Sookie rather not bother. Secrets from last season have distanced them, causing Sookie to distrust Bill. Erratically, Sookie’s determined to find her own way. Don’t you just love that. However, it makes more sense to let Eric protect her since he’s already bought her house and is in love with her. This is the Rated-R version of Twilight: Eclipse. This brings us to our next question: Can you love two?

Here’s a convo between Pam and Sookie or protection? Never leave the house without it!! Damn Pam in all that red. Whatever happened to her pink motif?

Duality?–As much as Lafayette hates black magic, he finds himself having to choose between saving Tara (choosing wicken as a distraction) which ultimately freed her from Eric’s fury or becoming an enemy of the vamps who not only supported his lifestyle by approving his selling of V but also tortured him for months. It’s quite a twist.

Will Sam choose his brother or his new camp of shifters? In previous seasons, Sam struggled with a sense of belonging and family. However, this season he finds a new family–around 5 or so shifters–and a new girlfriend–who turns out to be a skinwalker. Freeakkkyyy!!

Jason, bound to save “Crystal Meth” (that’s what I call her) has found himself in a sticky situation. Being held hostage by Crystal and her dope-dealing family. His options lie between being turned into a panther to perpetuate their seedline or to escape the madness, giving up his one true love–Crystal. Get the hell outta of there, Jason. Surely, you’ve chased other cats. Closing of episode two, Crystal and her brother ate him up … So long Jaaasssssoooon …

The writers have written in a ton of possiblities. Marnie and her crew who practice wicken could turn everyone back to normal-human beings, destroying True Blood altogether. That means no vamps, faeries, witches … well you get the picture. Or Sookie could serve as a sacrifice, giving the vamps what they need to walk/work in daylight. If they make synthetic Sookie blood like they did with True Blood, maybe this can create an alliance between vamps and humans, allowing them to live together in harmony. Awwww. Sookie would still be in danger and in high demand to vamps and humans alike. Who needs the headache? Poor Sookie. A million other mishaps may occur … Sookie could die at the hands of vamps, never finding herself. What a pity. And Bill lives at the mercy of “the authority,” having lied about Sookie’s unique traits and forced to tip-toe around Eric–an older vamp with lots of pull. Well, what’s gonna happen now? You’ll have to tune in tonight at 9 to watch episode 3. Hope you enjoyed. Next time …

In True Blood Fashion–An All White Party for Faeries

“I’m a fairy? How f*cking lame.” –Sookie

Just a few weeks ago, we found out that Sookie is a fairy. And do you know just before I could even watch this telling episode a friend filled me in? Don’t you hate those people? Just because you’re reading the book doesn’t mean that you can ruin the plot’s secrets for the rest of us, who solely rely on HBO’s adaptation.

After some choice words, this friend quickly retreated and apologized. My True Blood is a serious matter. I bet he won’t call back with anymore of those shennigans.

Identifying Sookie Stackhouse as a sweet, little fairy is fitting. And I absolutely adore the all-white parties every time a character drifts into ‘fairy wonderland.’ Beautiful crystal glasses, rhinestone earrings, ‘l’eau du ciel’ and the purest wilderness you can imagine.  Perfect scenery for an all-white party just before Labor Day and TB’s season finale.

Missing True Blood? Watch this clip on faeries and join in on their all-white affair. Ciao for now.

In True Blood Fashion–Start of Season 3

Werewolves feed off vampires? Since when? I don’t remember that rule in all the years watching vampires, from Bram Stoker’s to From Dusk Till Dawn. However, it is, nonetheless, the best thing about HBO’s True Blood: breaking the rules and earning much clout by doing so … oh I’m obsessed.

Very cunningly, True Blood confronts the speculative theme: race. You’ll have to watch it for yourself. Eileen, a serial mommy who loves on serial killers, is fed up with Tara’s prejudices.

I can go on … There are many more themes surrounding this episode including ‘animals.’ There are werewolves at the start who kidnapped Bill Compton. The NYU students who sat and flirted with Hoyt and Jason Stackhouse were studying to become veterinarians or therapists … whatever. And the Queen of the damned wore a fur. I’m surprise PETA hasn’t stepped in and voiced their concern over this popularized series. I love animals too … but the storyline is just stunning. This theme rocks.

Besides that, let’s get on with True Blood fashion that’s both noteworthy and show’s this season’s promised.

The Queen and the Maenad–Red Lipstick

“Hell have no fury like a Vampire Queen broke.”

The most powerful women find their favorite red lipsticks and mean business! However, I’m forced to favor Pam’s liking to pink. “I don’t know if it’s because I smile a lot or if I wear a lot of pink that people think I want to hear their problems,” said Pam. Maybe Pam should try a more saturated pink lipstick, so she wouldn’t have to deal with that mess! No nonsense femmes wear rouge. Classic.

The Queen–Was that a Jumpsuit?

She wore a satin, taupe jumpsuit, sash tied to the side and flowy. Definitely great evening wear. Inappropriate attire for meeting with the magistrate. She and Eric will be found out. Those are some V dealing vamps.

Pam’s Patent Black Heels

There goes Pam again in what I’m suggesting Betsey Johnson Kittia High Heels. I couldn’t get a glimpse, but whatever … they’re Betsey Johnson’s, if you ask me.

Well there’s more to come, following every True Blood episode, look forward to my In True Blood Fashion blogs. IN the meantime, “Keep off the V!”


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