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My Election Night: Tell Us @CurtisWalls “How Hot Do You Like It?” LOL

What started out as a blogging meeting with the intent to watch the results from the 2012 Presidential Election turned out to be more! More fun. More laughs. More of an event than a meeting.

At around 7:35p, I met with @Nxl21Charlotte @CurtisWalls for a casual meeting at Smokey Bones. The place was pretty dead, so I thought it would be perfect for discussion and to enjoy the suspense of election night. However, it just so happened that Smokey Bones recently turned their audio system, so that it excluded (what I call) the portable speaker box. You know the kind that you use to listen in on sporting events at bars? Well they had none, so it was on to the next bar!

So we ventured a few miles away to Fox & Hound at Northlake. But they had no boxes either. Through the cold, we walked to Chili’s who claimed that they were NOT to play anything but sporting events. Really? It was only the most historical, political night for the next 4 years that we, the nation, would experience–when Obama won a re-election. Chili’s was a huge loss that night based on their failure to acknowledge anything but sports. Got to do better!

So we finally returned to Fox & Hound for apps, beer and a mini election party, and that’s when the fun began.

Without unleashing all details, I’ll grant you a few highlights, quotes, and more!

Exhibit A:

Me: How do you like your hotdog?

Curtis: I feel uncomfortable with you asking me that!

Me: *side-eye*

By the way, this conversation ended in “with sweet onions, mustard, ketchup, and or chili/slaw” for all of you who are wondering! But his initial comment … Well you know … You’re smart!”

At one point, we commenced a challenge involving extra drops of Tabasco sauce. Hmm … No further comment there.

Around 11p, I hit the karaoke stage to croon Maxwell’s “Fortunate,” yet it didn’t sound anything like Maxwell. It was a shaky performance which I believed startled all the barmaids, wait staff, and bar folk alike. I mean I tried really hard, and I thought it was going to be a an awesome performance since I practiced just before … oh who am i kidding?! It was less than stellar. Like a good sport, Curtis hid in the corner, grinned, and laughed. Sigh.

The night ended with a final discussion surrounding the CNN’s reportings, analyzing and keeping close watch of electoral and popular votes, and a challenge to see who could hold the Thinker Pose, Alpha-style, the longest! In my mind, I won!

Well that was my election night. Productive. Fun and eventful. I was glad to witness history, Obama’s re-election (2 TERMSSS), same-sex marriage legalized in MD (my insurance policy), and CO committing to growing more trees in order to save our planet Earth. Snickers*

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I’ll Triple Your … But First THIS

I believe when two or more parties come to the table with requests, demands, and skills, that all parties should be willing to contribute time, money and good effort to produce and bring to life a product. I don’t mean to treat all things as business deals, but then again “I do.”

“I do.” That’s the phrase that pays. It speaks commitment and dedication, to a certain extent, depending how much and how often your ass really does something that contributes to an end goal. And be sure to really do something or be left at the table … Sitting alone … With your handful of requests and demands.

When people say “I do” they are voicing their dedication and are saying that they are in ready position. They’re ready to use their skills that they already possess, willing to exercise brain power for critical thinking for challenges that may arise, open to growth, and have all the time and energy necessary to bring about an end goal. With what’s required, no frivolous deals conclude here! No trifles. No insignificant figures conclude here.

Don’t come to my table with your demands unless you’re willing to say “I do” and live up to that commitment. Show me an investment, and I’ll triple it!

“I don’t and won’t.”

Help Me Help You ‘Meet the Task’

Last week, at the Black Enterprise Minority Supplier Forum, we talked about “meeting the task.”

“Most black women have been taught to ‘meet the task’ which makes us more technically equipped,” said Bohannon.

This week I encountered some folk who haven’t been meeting the task, personally and or professionally. And this really gets my blood boiling because I’d never let myself get away with not meeting the task.

Of all the jobs I’ve ever had, I took my work seriously. If I needed to stay an extra hour or three to meet a deadline, I did that. I performed thorough research about things I had no idea about when I was a technical writer. Like the time I wrote Standard Operating Procedure Manuals for mechanics who worked on changing assembly lines of equipment in order to bake/produce thousands of Sandies in a hour! Do you know how important it is to meet the task there? Some of these mechanics had no education, so I had to write in a way that assured they’d meet their task. Because if they did not, I did not.

Or the time I had to prelim and close Multi-million dollar magazines that had to balance to the hundredth decimal perfectly, every time, or I’d have pompous managers and over-paid account executives breathing down my neck. I did that for almost three years. Do you understand how incredibly important it is to meet the task there?

I guess my struggle is understanding how to deal with people when they don’t meet the task with me. That is my biggest struggle. Sometimes I’m passive aggressive; I go behind their backs and just fix it. I figure a conversation at a later date is in order … Or NOT. Sometimes, I take the assertive approach–giving recommendations, suggestions, meanwhile speedily assessing the situation for best optimization. And sometimes, I’m aggressive, I won’t talk to you for weeks. The latter is the easiest. No confrontation, no drama.

When I was a student and now as a professional, I’ve always pushed myself to do my best. And by best, I mean whatever the job/task called for … And I know my honor system is a bit abnormal, that pushing myself as I do may not be as common or necessary for some.

Im writing this because I’ve written people off who don’t ‘meet the task.’ Issues of guilt! And I’d much rather, at this point, help them ‘meet the task’ and not do the work for them. This takes craft, huh? Let me know what you think. Help a sista out with suggestions, recommendations, books, and whatever else you’ve got.

And in case you missed it. See my Black Enterprise post.

[Interactive] Post-Engagement with Politicians

Last night, I got to hang out with some politicians and other interesting people! And it was a grand ole time. Some of the things we discussed were casual. Some were political. No matter the conversation, we were able to find common ground for the greater good.

Here are a few hot topics we breezed over in our one-on-one sidebars.

1. What do we know about Paul Ryan?

2. Paul Ryan and the Catholic Church.

3. Are you still eating Chick Fil A?

4. Slam Dunk Maker’s Mark

5. Interior Design and Ikea fabrics that offer a few more inches in height for your money. Think 9-foot-ceiling.

Well here’s another Interactive post. Let’s discuss the topic of your choice!! What are your comments? Do you even know what a Slam Dunk Maker’s Mark is? What is the significance?

Let’s get this conversation starrrrtttted!!

5 Revealing Quotes–We All NEED Love


There’s so much controversy in these quotes because they reveal the ugly truth … Nearly about everything. Here are 5 quotes that I’ve encountered by way of people in my life … in the past 7 days. (“Why didn’t she say a week?” Oh, let’s admit it; seven days sounds more recent.) Please enjoy!

1. “Yes; there’s someone I’m with, but I would never commit to her because she has a child. And you know with that, the baby father is never too far behind.”

I wanted to tell my friend “No. That’s not true. I’m sure she doesn’t want to get back with her baby’s father and she’s not getting with him on the side.” But the look in his eye motivated me not to be optimistic in this situation. Friends don’t do that to friends. I just nodded.

2. “I never said I didn’t have a girlfriend. I just omitted it.”

3. “I love you.”

4. “You could be more consistent.”

5. “I just need to get outta this damn house!”

More snickering … We ought to listen closely to what people say and DO NOT say. There lies the truth. And I’m all about listening in order to prevent problems, follow up with solutions, and care for my friends.

One commonality for all these people: they’re trying to fill voids of love and other things.

WTF are you talking about?! Free Write ENJOY

There’s nothing more repugnant than a dishonorable and disrespectful person. Their words are vile, they smell of bile, and their direction of life leads down the never ending road of misfortune.

There’s nothing greater than the celebration of life–you become reenergized by Earth’s molten core, empowered by water, and lifted by God. You are they. And they are we and in touch with Thee.

There’s nothing more beautiful than to just Be. Be happy. Be sad. Be remorseful then glad. And to experience a cyclical of emotion is just to be human and to be alive.

Thank you for reading. This is my “spur” of the moment free write.


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