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Love & Law: Sundaes & Pain Killers

Last night, I found myself venturing to several internet cafes with David (my boyfriend). I had to complete a quiz, and he had something for work. Anyway, we thought “McDonalds at midnight and quizzes” would pair nicely with dollar sundaes. That easy savings sundaes could sweeten a blow of any unsuspected glitches that may detract us from quality sleep before another day of love and law.

I’ll admit I’m a little hard on everyone around me. I mean if David is going to let me use his  spare computer as I have inconveniently left mine at home, a side effect of too many pain killers, a Rocky Balboa face, and a “crowning” wisdom tooth, he should at least remember the password for me to logon. I shouldn’t have to sit there for 10 minutes rehearsing ways to insult him from forgetting that the password is … my … name which he says at least 10 times a day. Unaware this fact, I gawked when he teased, “you don’t know how to spell your own name?” My birth name was the very thing delaying me from success on my quiz. Then I thought, ‘aha! look at the Universe! David, having used my name as a password logon to his spare computer, spoke to the Universe, and the Universe created this very moment.’ Before moving on, you must understand that this trail of thoughts is a sign of anxiety and pain killers. Instead of going into one of my famous monologues, I sat there calmly with a smile while he worked to get me up and running. Anxiety was best left unsaid … in this case.

Finally logged on at 11p, I struggled to sign on to Desire 2 Learn, a site where law students can find a syllabus and task list, with no desire to learn a new way to live a stress free life. I figured that, no matter the circumstances, between the excruciating pain of my wisdom tooth and abscess, the upkeep of my personal relationship, and the further branding and growth of, I signed up for this. I signed up to have it all, to excel at all things I’ve set out to do, no matter how difficult it may become, no matter how many dollar sundaes I may devour at 11p, no matter how long it takes for me to log on to my next task meanwhile mentally check out of love and into law. I feel like the things I love are perhaps worth suffering for … The freedom to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I find it interesting that the Declaration of Independence discusses the aforementioned right  to “life, liberty, and happiness” in the same breadth (yes breadth not breath) it discusses the freedom to abolish any government that causes unnecessary suffering. Then I thought: Now what does this mean to me and my life? What must I abolish to live a life of liberty and happiness? Are my governing thoughts to succeed causing suffering? And why am I inclined to suffer to succeed? Am I the only one asking myself these questions? With much insight, 39 men agreed to include “Mankind is disposed to suffering” when they wrote their grievances against King George III. Not only that, but they were willing to fight for their freedoms using the poorest quality of guns as we know it today–muskets. That’s some determination! Bows and arrows are more effective than that. Anyway, the thought of loading a musket with gun  powder, in times of war, would’ve had me lay down my gun and surrender on the battlefield. I cannot imagine what kind of patience and focus it must take for me to overcome suffering with such a lowly gun. Is this the kind of attitude that can lead to success in love and law? As it seems, it will require that I use the knowledge and skills that I now possess to succeed, no matter how poor the quality. Some are better than others. Some I hope will overrule others … insults versus effective communication with insults being the plaintiff.

“… and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” (source)

Could love and law be necessary evils worth suffering for?





Nikki’s Take on The Value of Women Networking| Part One

Dream Girl Movement, Destined Image and have taken on the challenge to creating posts every week dedicated to women, networking and entrepreneurship. This week’s theme is The Value of Women Networking. What do you think about the idea of networking? What is the value of women networking?

I’ve attended several conferences, some geared towards women and business and others centered on business and personal development. I’m always most fascinated with women who have found a way to manage being executives, wives, and mothers. Someone once tried to convince me that I could NOT have it all. That I would either sacrifice for a wonderful marriage or career.

Yet I keep meeting women who are conquering it all, who have it all. They are playing the roles of an executive, a wife, a mother, daughter, sister, confidant, friend … and so forth. I believe God designed us—women–to be great task managers, naturally, but we are reaching new horizons each day. As Devine Bowers, CEO/Founder of Destined Image, has often shared with me, “Women were created to be helpers to our husbands, but not limited to this task.” I love that!! Devine often SHARES the dynamics of being a wife in oppose to her other roles as a project manager (at one of the largest banks in our country) and a mommy to two young children. She explains further that “it is about knowing what God wants you to do in each role … that is how you find direction.” Even further, I believe that’s how you find defense against distractions, focus, and discipline. Ultimately, with our conversations, I’m finding out that this is the key to earning/having it all—getting in touch with the Spirit and letting it guide you. As you can see, I found these things through our conversations, through building a rapport with Devine that allowed for genuine SHARING.

I’ve taken Devine’s advice. I’m marching onward to having it all as I type this. She inspires me daily with her tenacity and commitment to all that she does. But if it wasn’t for our network, our relationship with one another, our boldness to speak freely with one another about life, entrepreneurship and our personal relationships, we wouldn’t be able to FUEL each other with INSPIRATION and or EMPOWER one another. All of this comes with SHARING(networking), and that’s what networking should mainly be about. Not one trying to create a leveraging situation or superficially showing interest for personal gain. It shouldn’t be about pretentiousness or shallowness when we—women–get together to SHARE in! It should be about SHARING genuine stories of inspiration, resources to pull yet one more person along to their next level of greatness, and connecting with people who speak to our personal/professional journey. That’s where the wealth lies.

“Wealth is generated with the many uncomfortable conversations one is willing to have.” -Tim Ferris

Furthermore, if you haven’t realized it, networking is SHARING, EMPOWERING, and CONNECTING that leads to INSPIRATION, RESOURCES, and SUCCESS. Without sharing, how can we have it all anyway? Think about that.

With that being said, I now invite you to have a conversation with me about the value of women networking. I’m also extending the invitation for you to connect with myself, owner of; Devine Bowers, owner/founder of Destined Image; Rachel D, owner of Dream Girl Movement, and other entrepreneurs with whom you may share, empower, and connect. Read more about this June 29th event here:

Thanks for reading.


Winter Bow Tie | 2nd Day of Christmas Special

seasonal bow tie

Last week, here in Charlotte, we experienced 70-degree weather. Though I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, I know we, Charlotteans, won’t be getting snow any time soon. Continue reading

Bow Tie Thursday | Meet The Modern Outdoorsman

This week, I, The Female Haberdasher created–The Modern Outdoorsman–a bow tie made of herringbone, tweed and duck fabrics. So proud of its look and feel, I just had to share.

You might ask, “What makes The Modern Outdoorsman so special?”

Well here are THREE reasons as to why The Modern Outdoorsman is so darn special!

Continue reading

Nikki Panache Introduces Brands in this [Video]

Nikki Panache introduces and the Female Haberdasher Bow Tie Shop. She defines “panache” and “haberdasher” and why she chose to use those words to define her brands.

My Election Night: Tell Us @CurtisWalls “How Hot Do You Like It?” LOL

What started out as a blogging meeting with the intent to watch the results from the 2012 Presidential Election turned out to be more! More fun. More laughs. More of an event than a meeting.

At around 7:35p, I met with @Nxl21Charlotte @CurtisWalls for a casual meeting at Smokey Bones. The place was pretty dead, so I thought it would be perfect for discussion and to enjoy the suspense of election night. However, it just so happened that Smokey Bones recently turned their audio system, so that it excluded (what I call) the portable speaker box. You know the kind that you use to listen in on sporting events at bars? Well they had none, so it was on to the next bar!

So we ventured a few miles away to Fox & Hound at Northlake. But they had no boxes either. Through the cold, we walked to Chili’s who claimed that they were NOT to play anything but sporting events. Really? It was only the most historical, political night for the next 4 years that we, the nation, would experience–when Obama won a re-election. Chili’s was a huge loss that night based on their failure to acknowledge anything but sports. Got to do better!

So we finally returned to Fox & Hound for apps, beer and a mini election party, and that’s when the fun began.

Without unleashing all details, I’ll grant you a few highlights, quotes, and more!

Exhibit A:

Me: How do you like your hotdog?

Curtis: I feel uncomfortable with you asking me that!

Me: *side-eye*

By the way, this conversation ended in “with sweet onions, mustard, ketchup, and or chili/slaw” for all of you who are wondering! But his initial comment … Well you know … You’re smart!”

At one point, we commenced a challenge involving extra drops of Tabasco sauce. Hmm … No further comment there.

Around 11p, I hit the karaoke stage to croon Maxwell’s “Fortunate,” yet it didn’t sound anything like Maxwell. It was a shaky performance which I believed startled all the barmaids, wait staff, and bar folk alike. I mean I tried really hard, and I thought it was going to be a an awesome performance since I practiced just before … oh who am i kidding?! It was less than stellar. Like a good sport, Curtis hid in the corner, grinned, and laughed. Sigh.

The night ended with a final discussion surrounding the CNN’s reportings, analyzing and keeping close watch of electoral and popular votes, and a challenge to see who could hold the Thinker Pose, Alpha-style, the longest! In my mind, I won!

Well that was my election night. Productive. Fun and eventful. I was glad to witness history, Obama’s re-election (2 TERMSSS), same-sex marriage legalized in MD (my insurance policy), and CO committing to growing more trees in order to save our planet Earth. Snickers*

Find me on Twitter @Nikkipanache



I spent Labor Day in uptown Charlotte to get a piece of this Democratic National Convention 2012 action. In this picture, the crowd was swoon by Reverend Al Sharpton (not pictured here) on stage. Although he usually has powerful words to impart, I’m always impressed by his hair’s staying power!


Fantasia to Perform FREE Concert in High Point!

American Idol winner, reality TV star and High Point native, Fantasia Barrino, is coming home! The singer, who recently announced her pregnancy, will be performing a free concert TOMORROW (August 4th) at Oak Hollow Festival Park.

Festival gates will open at 3pm and the show is set to start at 5. Though admission is free, everyone is encouraged to donate at least one school supply for distribution to area schools.

Check out this video of Fantasia sharing words of encouragement and announcing her pregnancy to a Jacksonville, FL audience earlier this week:

courtesy of MsiCandi


I can’t WAIT to see her kick them shoes off & act (as she would say) UGLY!!! lol


See you there!!

TOMORROW! America’s Next Top Model Auditions at Livingstone College!

Wanna be on top...

Think you have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model? Well, here’s your chance to be discovered!

Join ANTM for their casting call at in the Varick Auditorium on the campus of Livingstone College in Salisbury, NC. Registration begins tomorrow, Saturday, July 9th at 10 am.

Livingstone College
701 West Monroe Street
Salisbury, NC 28144

They are asking that contestants:

  1. Print & complete the application (link below)
  2. Print the Eligibility Requirements and read them carefully
  3. Be a female between the ages of 18 & 27 at the time of audition on July 9th, 2011
  4. Be AT or ABOVE five feet and seven inches in height
  5. Bring the 3 necessary photos listed on the Eligibility Requirements
  6. Bring copies of the necessary forms of identification listed on the Eligibility Requirement

Each contest will have 3 minutes in front of ANTM cameras to tell Tyra why YOU should be America’s Next Top Model! Be prepared to serve a FIERCE runway walk!

**Application, Eligibility Requirements & more info can be found HERE.**

If anyone goes, be sure to comment & let us know how it went!!

 Best of luck from Team Pananche!

WERK, Tyra!

End of the Year Party Hosted by BeDazzled Salon & Children’s Spa

BeDazzled Salon and Children’s Salon is hosting its 1st annual End of the Year Bash to celebrate the end of the school year and beginning of summer for the kiddies!!

Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Time: 6-8pm

Place: Great Skate of Thomasville, NC

(1203 Lexington Ave. Thomasville, NC 27360)

Cost: $5 per person (includes entry & skate rental)

Hope to see you there!!

BeDazzled Salon & Children’s Spa is owned & operated by Mikki Liles-Davis and is located at 104 W. Main St. in Thomasville, NC.

Call (336) 223-4772 for summer specials for you and your Little Diva!

Tour Kanvas Lounge-See Artsy Video

Uptown Upscale Martini Lounge


Good day, Panachers!! I’m introducing you to one of my new favorite spots in Charlotte–Kanvas. I’m always looking for the hottest, coolest ish around. And recently I found this place. What I like most are their drinks. Whatever, I’ll admit: “I’m a lush.” Lucky for you, this ‘Lush’ has great taste. Check out their martini list, stiff or strong, it can be shaken or stirred to your taste. See you there next time.

The venue is now booking for corporate retreats, meetings, and other special occasions.
Wed – Sat, 6p-2a
525 e 6th Street, #117
Charlotte, NC
Al Moore (704) 293-1133

Just underneath Court 6

Facebook Fan Page

Elle VJ Boutique Shoe Party–Irregular Choice and Off the Beaten Track Shoe Collections

Quaint and cozy NoDa neighborhood is home to Elle VJ Boutique. This clothing store has urban appeal with a dab of chic!

Recently, ElleVJ hosted their first shoe party to present two collections—Irregular Choice and Off the Beaten Track.

Irregular Choice Heels are flirty and fun, decorated in can’t-be-missed oversized flowers and elevated by glass, cone heels. The bright colors are perfect additions for your Spring/Summer shoe collections.

Furthermore, I could really step into contemporary clogs with Off the Beaten Track. These heels speak ‘high country’ right into my sole! Check out the wooden platforms and studs.

View both shoe collections in our Elle VJ Boutique trailer. For more information on shoes and where to get them,
Elle VJ Boutique

TONIGHT!! KCW and DJ Jimmy Jam Present: The 1st Annual Stylist & Barber Bash!

This event is the first of its kind! KCW Productions is inviting ALL stylists & barbers in the Thomasville, High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Lexington, Burlington & surrounding areas to come party together under one roof at A’Faires in High Point! This event will be hosted by Mikki Liles-Davis & Maigan Horne, with DJ Jimmy Jam on the 1s & 2s!

Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door. There will be drink specials all night and a contest offering a month of free advertising to one salon and barbershop. The contest will be conducted Apollo style — the salon or barber shop that makes the most noise when the owner is announced will be crowned winner, so be sure to tell your clients, family & friends to come out and support!

The winning salon or barbershop will receive a plaque and a picture of their establishment on the front of 2,000 fliers that will be distributed over the summer, all courtesy of KCW Productions.

I’ll be there on behalf of Stella’s Daughter Hair Salon of Winston-Salem (Hey, Reanee!) and Team Panache, of course! So, fellas get them line ups tight & ladies get your weaves right! This party will be one to remember!

Don’t meet me there, BEAT ME THERE!! *in my radio man voice* 😉

For more information, contact:

KCW Productions Facebook Fan Page

A’Faires Banquets & Events, LLC

(336) 886-3370

202 Ardale Drive

High Point, NC  27260

(Off of S. Main Street and 311N/Bus.85 S; behind the Raceway on South Main Street)

The Pit

I just got done eating at my new favorite restaurant downtown Raleigh, NC for Bar-be-que The Pit. The food was delicious, the service was excellent and fast, & it offers complementary valet until 11. The crowd was live and the bar included the NBA games on flat screen televisions. I shared the Triple Combo with my parents including the turkey bar-be-que, brisket, and macaroni and cheese and it was absolutely delicious. If you go ask for the owner Ed Mitchell aka my Uncle Mitch and tell ’em Melvin’s Granddaughter Brittney sent you!







Don’t miss out. 

Fight Lab Promotions’ MMA CAGE FIGHTING returns to The Grady Cole Center THIS Saturday night April 16th at 7pm.

Come find out why MMA is the fastest growing spectator sport in the world today !!!

Online 20% Discount Coupon Code: MONSTER


Premium Cage Side Seating Available ONLY through The Pit Boss @ 704-400-8879

Fight Lab Web Site – Buy Tickets Here

Watch clips here.

Artist Spotlight: FUZZ DIDDY!

Hardly home, but always reppin…

Ever sat and listened to a person talk pure smack about their own hometown? Yeah, me neither…they make about as much sense as hot soup on a summer’s day. What Mobb Deep say? “F*ck where you at, kid. IT’S WHERE YA FROM!” Anyone who knows me knows that I rep my city (ok, okaayyy…my small town) to the fullest! Whenever, where ever!

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you guys to some new Thomasville talent in the form of Making the Station sensation, FUZZ DIDDY!

Hailing from Thomasville, by way of Brooklyn, NY, Fuzz Diddy has been 102’s reigning champion on their Making the Station segment, which airs on Tuesday and Thursday nights (between 10:30 & 11 pm). Making the Station gives local artists the chance to showcase their skills to the entire Triad listening area in a series of rap battles, and allows listeners to call in and vote for their favorite lyricist.

Now, not only has Fuzz defeated the previous champion..(umm, what’s his name?) Oh, yeah, AD. lol *no shade to the Tre-Fo homie though…he held the crown for about 4 months straight!* Just last week, Fuzz was the ONLY participant to show up to Making the Station…folks callin’ in wantin’ to battle from pre-written rhymes on paper over the phone?!? Like, where they do THAT at?? Not Tha Ville!

I think I get ’em scared..I think that they scared of meh! *in my Three 6 Mafia voice*

If you can’t hear the passion and hunger in this dude’s voice, then you may wanna clean your ears…wit a Bobby pin. (Don’t act! I know my mama wasn’t the only one!)

You guys may think I’m a bit biased because Fuzz is on the home team, so I’ll let yall check him out for yourselves:

With Thomasville on his back, and Brooklyn in his heart, I see big things in the future for Fuzz!

Shout out to Waleed Coyote and the entire 102 Jamz Fam! Middle East, stand up!

And a very special Happy Birthday shout out to Fuzz Diddy’s mother. May God rest her soul.

Be sure to tune in to 102 Jamz TONIGHT and call in (336-680-1021 or 336-730-1021) to vote for Fuzz Diddy on Making the Station!! *The battles are LIVE! & all votes are counted IN STUDIO, ON CAMERA*

From the Old Projects, to the New…Culbreth Avenue, to the ‘Luth…THOMASVILLE — WE OUT’CHEA!

I might need to on Making the Station my damn self! juuuussst kidding! Get on the mic & have a brain fart lol #NoSir!

**FYI: This isn’t Thomasville’s first time reppin’ & rippin’ on Making the Station…A while back (before my blogging days), a classmate of mine, Justin Broadie, went in as well! Just wanted to throw that out there & show love to him, too! Broadie, what up!!**

Product Pick of the Day: Salon Pro 30 Second Weave Wonder Wrap

Salon Pro Weave Wonder Wrap

Ok, so today is my glam day. While most of you were out frolicking about town, enjoying this springtime weather, I spent my day with my head either under the faucet or under the hair dryer…yayy. BUT, all true divas know that with beauty, comes sacrifice!

Any who…I’m doing another quick weave glue-in on my hair (my protective style of choice until it’s relaxer time), and I wanted to let you Weave Queens (Don’t hide girl! I see you!) know about this new (well, new to me) product that I’m about to try for the first time. It’s the Salon Pro 30 Second Weave Wonder Wrap (WWW).

I know you guys and non-weave wearers are like WHAT in THE world is this girl talkin bout?? LOL Google & Youtube, my friends. Google. and. Youtube!

So, after almost taking clippers to my head trying to get leftover bonding glue out of my hair, I knew I had to try something different this time.

WWW is a protective serum placed on dry, molded (with hair gel yall lol) hair that protects the hair from coming in contact with the glue that’s used on the weft. From what I understand, it’s kinda like a liquefied, hardened skull cap that acts as a barrier between the bonding glue and the natural hair.

WWW is very reasonably priced. I picked up the 2 oz. bottle at my local beauty supply store for $5.99. That’s enough for one full head, but it comes in 4, 8 and 16 oz as well.
Shoutout to Mike and Ms Kim on Kivett Drive, by the way!

Wish me luck guys! Once my hair is molded, I’ll be ready to apply WWW. Of course, I did some research prior to and found nothing but good comments about the product. Plus, I’m pretty good at D.I.Y type things, so I’m sure my hair will be FIERCE when I’m done!

In the meantime, check out these videos I found explaining WWW and how it’s used & removed (It supposedly washes right out…no leftover glue!).

The lady sounds like the guy from the Clear Eyes commercials, but she does a better job of explaining it than I just did, plus there are visuals!
Oh yeah, if anybody out there has tried WWW or something similar, or if you have any weaving techniques or ideas, let us know!

I’ll be back soon with a full review of the Wonder Wrap & the hair I used (Say Me Cuatro Candy Curl)…stay tuned!

Rush Hour Retreat at San Antonio’s

This place rocks as always! Yesterday, I tried their lettuce wraps, and of course I had plenty of margaritas (w/sugar coating the rim). So today, I would like to share with you their Rush Hour Retreat, as posted on My Uptown Fun:

Avoid the traffic and start your weekends off right as San Antonio becomes your after work retreat the last Friday of the month.  This Modern Mexican restaurant and Tequila Bar offers a tempting array of over 50 varieties of tequilas. Featuring daily drink specials: $3 Coronas, $2 Sangria and $1 Margaritas.  Enjoy FREE appetizers featuring signature menu items.  Live Music and Giveaways.  Admission is FREE!!

4331 Barclay Downs Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28211
Neighborhood: South Park

(704) 364-9334

Elevate July 2010

Nightlife and Entertainment Edition. Here’s your guide to the hottest nightlife spots along with top attractions to keep you fit and cool all summer long.

Six Figure Entertainment CEO Kirk Brown–Candidly Responding to the Entertainment Industry

Kirk Brown finally preps himself for NikkiPanache’s tough questions surrounding the Entertainment Industry. See interview here, first!


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